Our company was established in 1939 under the name “ERGEX LTD”, in order to cater to the ever expanding need for quality supplies, for innovative agricultural practices and advanced growing techniques. In its early years, our company was managed and directed by the founder Vassilios Salatas.

In 1956, the torch was passed on to his sons, Constantine and Panagiotis, who assumed the day to day management of the company.

In the 21st century, BIOERGEX, under the management of Constantine Salatas sons, having an ambitious plan for continuous development, has expanded its operations to include top quality animal feed supplements and agricultural supplies.


With respect and loyalty to the principles that have established our reputation, we are committed to constantly support our customers by supplying them with a line of innovative, high quality products, as well as with technical information and services for the most successful and effective use of our products.


The competition and the constant market changes have always been yielding us to search for innovative products in order to maintain our consistent market share and reputation. Our exclusive cooperation with the Global market leaders has resulted in our diversification from the current competition, by researching and implementing new lines of products, based on the needs of a very rapid evolving market, both in the Animal Feed and Agricultural Sector.

We are proud to say that we are one of the pioneers in the Animal feed additives and Biological Fertilizer market.

Nowadays, our company is the key supplier of the biggest Poultry and Pig Feed Companies, as well as Fish feed Producers, Premix and Petfood Companies in the region of Greece. Motivated by our mission and vision, we are providing our customers with a complete package of services and products, along with cost effective solutions, technical information, laboratory testing and nutritional consultancy.

Our company’s main concern has always been the continuous expansion of our current activities, that, in return, reinforces our competitive advantage. One of the most recent acquisitions is the exclusive distribution of diagnostic systems BAX® and RiboPrinter®, that are based on molecular technology and are used in the Food Sector. Our future plans involve the further expansion of our successful exports and services network , to the market of Middle east, North Africa and North Balkans.


Our company has developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Program, guaranteeing the maintenance of the highest possible standards set forth by management and the compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and GDPR directives. Furthermore, our commitment to quality assurance is an integral part of our efforts to constantly improve and expand our product lines and services.

Our Quality Assurance Program is based on the meticulous and systematic analysis of our clients’ needs and expectations, taking at the same time into account our employees and associates goals, recommendations and feedback.

The Management has set forth ambitious goals, which are constantly monitored and reevaluated, for every phase of our products’ manufacture and distribution, achieving the best possible results in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Approved by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture as a supplier in the Animal Feed Additives sector (approval nr αEL0250001)
  • Registered for Raw Materials and Feed Stuffs (registration nr 0020 020 000089).
  • Quality Assurance Program, providing full traceability of our products ISO9001:2015.


The environmental consciousness principles dictate the respect to environment, by reducing the energy footprint of every company, along with the reduction of exploitation of natural resources.

The severity of the environmental damage acts as a reminder, forcing us to take every measure possible in order to reduce the accumulation of wastes and pollution to our natural environment.

BIOERGEX SALATAS BROS SA, with more than 55 years of strong presence in the Greek Agricultural Sector continues to invest in environmental friendly practices, saving precious natural resources, by taking advantage of alternative green forms of energy.

Throughout various activities and procedures integrated in our day to day activities, we promote the reusing and recycling of natural resources along with a sustainable management of energy consumption.

Energy saving practices and waste management are the key elements of BIOERGEX SALATAS BROS SA environmental philosophy.

More specifically, we have invested in the construction of a photovoltaic park within the company’s premises, covering more than the 80% of our needs for energy. Water consumption has been managed by special faucets, reducing consumption by 30%.  All the company’s vehicles are of EURO 6 technology further reducing the CO2 emissions to the environment. Furthermore, we have replaced the old lighting system of our facilities with newer low consumption and environmental friendly LED lamps.

Our future plans include the installation of a solar powered charging station for cars and the upgrade of our fleet with plug in electric vehicles.

Our “Green” philosophy has been from the very beginning the cornerstone in all our business activities, which, throughout the years, became a major competitive advantage, reinforcing our environmental friendly profile, differentiating us from our competitors. Today, we continue and pursue our vision for a safer planet, focusing on healthier agricultural products, ensuring a better future for the next generations.