Animal Feed Additives


The last 2 decades, numerous laboratory and field trials have proven that Organic acids play a key role, not only in feed preservation and protection against microbial and fungal destruction, but also directly in the animal nutrition, as, under controlled conditions, a well-balanced acid combination increases the growth of monogastric animals, providing a cost effective solution against the use of anti-biotic growth promoters.

Our organic acid-based solutions are used to improve the feed safety of compound feed, feed ingredients and agro-industrial by-products by protecting against the growth of bacteria.



Eastman Pro GIT is a range of animal performance products based on organic acids. The organic acids reduce stomach pH, have a bactericidal effect in the Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) against gram¬negative (Salmonella, E. Coli) and gram-positive (Clostridium perfringens) pathogens and do not harm the growth of Lactid Acid Bacteria (LAB). This leads to a status of intestinal microbial Eubiosis, saving nutrients for the animal and leading to improved performance and health in both pigs and poultry. Solid Eastman Pro GIT products are a combination of organic acids and their calcium salts. Besides the organic acids' antimicrobial effect, they are a source of highly available organic calcium with a much lower Acid Binding Capacity (ABC) compared to limestone. Lowering the ABC of feeds allows a more efficient acidification of the digesta in the stomach.


Water is the most essential nutrient for livestock and water uptake by monogastric animals is 2 to 3 times the amount of feed they consume. Acidification of drinking water is useful for water sanitation and to prevent microbial contamination. It stimulates crop- and gastro-intestinal digestibility and helps reduce losses associated with conditions like enterocolitis and salmonellosis. Promoting a healthy intestinal microflora by acidifying the drinking water is important to suppress the pathogens that cause such types of digestive disorder. While today's animal production is becoming increasingly efficient in growth and feed conversion, animals are becoming more sensitive to stressors such as poor water quality. Eastman has developed the Protaq product range for clean water to ensure healthy animals, optimal performance and safe food.


Eastman Bacteria Control products effectively prevent, or significantly slowdown spoilage of all kinds of feed and raw materials while maintaining the original nutritional value. This helps to assure the safety and the nutritional quality of the feed. Protein based raw materials, of animal or vegetable origin, are frequently contaminated by Salmonella and other entero-bacteria. Our range of products is specifically developed to combat these and other microbial pathogens in raw materials and feed. Eastman Bacteria Control products contain high levels of (buffered) formic and propionic acid, which have a synergistic effect.

Calprona CA

Calprona CA, is an effective growth inhibitor of bacteria, as well as a palatable source of calcium with high purity, solubility and bioavailability and it is compatible with all kinds of animal feed and premixes. Calprona CA is used as a preservative and is very effective in controlling microbes (bacteria and molds) in animal feed and premixes. Calprona CA is also a direct source of energy for the animals and improves the milkfat production in dairy cows.


Efficient acidification of milk for calves. MilkDigester is a complementary feed for acidification of milk and milk replacers for calves, which besides minimizing the growth of undesirable bacteria in the milk, also optimizes coagulation of milk in the intestine, thus supporting milk digestibility.