Animal Feed Additives


Electrolytes are blends of acids, bases or salts ,such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. They are administered in controlled dosages in order to improve the acid-base balance within the cells. Sodium is the main electrolyte found in body fluids and is involved in fluid balance and blood pressure control.

Electrolytes are important for animals’ health, as, during periods of stress and illness, they need to replenish nutrients and fluids. Electrolytes can vary in form; they can be either positive ions, negative ions or minerals and help the body maintain fluid balance. Fluid balance, both intracellular (inside cells) and extracellular (between cells), occurs when each body compartment contains the right concentration of electrolytes and water and is important for the body (heart, brain, eyes, lungs, kidneys, joint fluids, gut etc).

Common stress factors include: environmental changes, exposure to new animals, management procedures, crowding, temperature extremes, reduced feed intake.

Illness, such as scours (diarrhea) can trigger dehydration or fluid imbalance. Scours has two main causes–nutritional or pathogenic. Nutritional scours can be caused by: inconsistent feeding—variability of nutrients fed, inconsistent feeding schedule, poor quality milk, milk replacer or feed, excessive amounts of milk consumption, milk replacer or feed, unsanitary conditions or feeding equipment, a sudden change in diet. Types of pathogens that cause scours include: bacterial– E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, viral, protozoal– Coccidia, Cryptosporidium.

There are more cells in the gut for immunity than in any other area of the body. Therefore, animals need a healthy digestive tract to maintain a healthy immune system. Proper hydration results in a more robust immune response when animals are challenged. However, when animals are overcome with illness and become dehydrated, electrolyte therapy helps to restore fluid balance and nutrients lost.



Dietetic electrolyte product with lactic acid bacteria. DisoLyt is an effervescent dietetic complementary feed, which is used in case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhea). DisoLyt contains the important electrolyte salts Na+, K+ and Cl- and is composed based on the American SID concept (Strong Ion Difference). SID is the difference between the positively- and negatively-charged strong ions in plasma. This method of evaluating acid-base disorders was developed to help determine the mechanism of the disorder and ensures a correct mutual relationship between the electrolyte salts. DisoLyt has a SID over 80, which means that has the highest and most optimum SID than other products in the market. DisoLyt is developed for quick and efficient rehydration.


Complementary mineral feed for a good gastrointestinal function.

CarbonEX is a mineral feed supplement, which is used to support the good gastrointestinal function in calves and other animals. CarbonEX is a mix of the clay mineral Kaolinit and natural leonardit, which works as an adsorbent supporting a firm faecal consistency.


EnergyBooster is an energy supplement providing cows with water and easily absorbable energy after calving. EnergyBooster contains rapidly absorbable energy sources such as dextrose, whey powder, lactose and fat, which contribute to the enhancement of the animal’s physiology. EnergyBooster contains electrolyte salts, which replace loss of electrolytes lost by sweat and fluids during calving. Electrolytes restore balance and, thus, maintain the appetite of the cow.


Dietetic electrolyte product with pectins and antioxidants.

ReviLyt is a dietetic complementary feed, which stabilizes and restores the fluid and electrolyte balance in animals in case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea). ReviLyt contains the important electrolyte salts Na+, K+ and Cl and is composed based on the American SID concept (Strong Ion Difference), which ensures a correct mutual relationship between the electrolyte salts. ReviLyt is developed for a quick and efficient rehydration and can be used in cow’s milk, milk replacer and water.