Animal Feed Additives


Essential oils:

Essential oils for poultry and pigs.

Supporting improved feed intake, digestibility and healthy performance.

Essential oils – volatile compounds extracted from specific plants or plant parts – were named as such because they were deemed “essential” for the plants. In animal nutrition, they offer varying degrees of performance and environmental benefits, depending on blend and strength. They represent an alternative solution for the animal production, rather than the use of antibiotics as growth factors, as this group of compounds has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, according to research.

They can also be rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the animal. Therefore, characteristics, such as high content and protection of active ingredients, are of high importance in maximizing the bio-efficacy of the product.

Essential oil compounds, comprising optimized, high concentration blends of thymol and cinnamaldehyde, have been shown to stimulate feed intake and digestion, improve body weight gain and offer healthy performance benefits, e. g. support of a positive gut microflora.




Enviva® EO

Essential oil blend of thymol and cinnamaldehyde offers healthy performance benefits for poultry and pig producers. It is easy to use, with small, uniform, free-flowing particles courtesy of a unique granulation process.

Grippozon 285

Liquid feed additive with a mixture of essential oils to improve the air quality in the warehouse and consequently the breathing capacity of the animals through the drinking water or nebulization in poultry, swine and ruminants.

Secondary plant extracts

EW Nutrition Activo

In contrast to animals, plants do not have the opportunity to flee in case of danger, therefore they have developed other strategies to guarantee survival of the species. One of these strategies is based on the production of numerous biologically active substances within the plants. These so-called secondary plant compounds can attract insects for pollination or protect the plant from pathogens or herbivores. Humans have used this knowledge for millennia and systematically used plant compounds for stimulating appetite and improving digestion.

Multiple scientific studies have proven the positive effects of secondary plant compounds on gut health in livestock animals. These substances support digestion and improve the utilization of nutrients, resulting in a higher daily weight gain and better feed conversion. Additionally, SPCs have a proven antimicrobial effect. This effect is based on different biological modes of action, thus preventing the development of resistances. The diversity of secondary plant compounds, therefore, presents an advantage.

With the Activo® product line, EW Nutrition offers a solution that positively influences performance parameters in livestock. Scientific studies has shown that the Activo® product line is able to lead to optimum production parameters, without the addition of resistance producing substances.



is a micro-encapsulated, synergistically acting combination of secondary plant compounds, developed for the stimulation of appetite and digestion. It is suitable for the use in different monogastric species.

Activo® Liquid

is an appetizing, liquid complementary feed, based on a synergistically acting combination of selected secondary plant compounds and organic acids.

Cabanin csd

Premix that contains several ingredients known for their high antioxidative properties. Cabanin CSD can be used as an effective antioxidant replacement above the standard minimum requirement for vitamin E and may improve growth and feed conversion rate in a higher application rate.