Animal Feed Additives

Quality Enhancers

The inner quality of the egg and, more specifically, of the albumin is the most important quality factor, since it is the basis for the proper classification of eggs and has a very significant impact on their marketing.

Albumin’s stability can be altered by sudden temperature changes, especially at the beginning of summer period, as poultry increase their respiratory rate in order to eliminate the excessive temperature increase in their body. This causes a decrease in blood’s pH and affects the composition of the albumin.

The liquefaction of the albumin is usually caused by the breakdown of the complex of lysozyme-mucin, responsible for the structure of the thick layer of albumen, which can be affected by the potential increase in the pH of the egg, due to the loss of CO2 during TIME storage, especially at high temperatures.



Capsomin is a free flowing, white to light cream powder with a neutral odor, designed to prevent the liquefaction or watering of eggs upon storage and to improve the egg inner quality, particularly egg white’s density.