Animal Feed Additives


Oxidation deteriorates the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral supplements and vitamins in animal feeds. Virtually all foodstuffs containing fats or oils will be susceptible to oxidative rancidity. As oxidation progresses the sensorial characteristics and nutritional value of the food will further deteriorate. The use of Antioxidants effectively delays this process. In the last decade, modern practices have been dictating the use of prone to oxidation, healthier unsaturated fats, increasing the demand for antioxidants. Nowadays, antioxidants play an important role, as they maintain the stability and extend the self life of the final products.

Available in different forms, antioxidants represent one of the leading lines of ITPSA’s production and marketing expertise. Backed by a solid team of fine chemistry and nutritional experts, ITPSA’s production of ethoxyquin and other antioxidants has reached advanced standards of quality that place these products and their registered trademarks in the highest ranking of quality standards in Europe.




is a fine powder of high fluidity, consisting of a concentrated mixture of antioxidants, which act synergistically, and a metal chelator. It is effectively used in oxidation processes as an alternative to ethoxyquin against the oxidation of raw materials and feed, premixtures, fats and animal by-products.
It has greater antioxidant efficiency than butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) and a beneficial effect on the oxidative stability of the meat of chickens.


is a yellowish clear or slightly cloudy liquid consisting of a wide spectrum formulated antioxidant with synergetic compounds to be applied directly to the feed mixture, premix and raw materials.