Animal Feed Additives


Visual color is closely related to perceptions. Consumer perception or purchase decision is made even prior to tasting food.

In food, the effect of color is very important to determine various effects, such as:

The raw ingredients included into the finished product.

The changes to its shelf life or changes related to certain processing.

The consistency of the materials used.

If the final product meets the established internal quality standards.

Colors are added to food to offset color loss due to light, air, extreme temperatures, storage and moisture. Others use artificial colors to mask natural variations in color or enhance naturally occurring color. Artificial colors provide identity to the product, protect flavors and vitamins from damage, or are used for decorative purposes. Many studies have emphasized the relation of color to the flavor detection threshold, with the sweetness or salinity sensations, with the susceptibility and preference for products.



Starting from vegetable products, carefully harvested and selected for the quality and content in carotenoid pigments, both yellow and red, the CAPSANTAL line of products achieves in a natural way the appropriate pigmentation for Poultry and Aquaculture applications.

Petfood Pigment

Proquimac Color SL specializes in manufacturing dyes and aluminium lakes pigments used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company focuses on supplying natural colours, synthetic dyes and blends, and aluminium lakes for use in fruit and cream fillings, margarine, wine, bread products, chewing gum and more. Proquimac Color SL also provides customized pigments for the petfood industry.


CONACERT® Tartrazine

CONACERT® Tartrazine is a synthetic yellow azo dye that is used in a variety of products. This product has a dye content of approximately 85% and can also be used with Brilliant Blue FCF to produce various green shades.

Ponceau 4r+

CONACERT® Ponceau 4R 33 is a red synthetic coal tar or azo dye. This product has a dye content of approximately 33%.


CONACERT® Blends (Green 519) is a synthetic blend of Tartrazine and Brilliant Blue FCF, and it has a dye content of approximately 71%.

CONACERT® Blends (Egg Yellow)

CONACERT® Blends (Egg Yellow) is a synthetic blend of Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow, and it has a dye content of approximately 16-25%.