Animal Feed Additives


A flavour product consists of different substances in a concentrated form, whose active objective is to provide the feed with odour and, sometimes, taste, which is essential to the feed animal production for several reasons:

Ensures intake of adequate amounts of feed, which is vital for an efficient animal production.

Provides aroma and flavor to an unpleasant feed (ex. medication inclusion), making it more palatable. In case of changes in the feed formulation, prevents animals from rejecting the feed.

An effective flavour product attracts animals to the feed. In this regard, it should be noted that only volatile particles are captured and processed by the nasal receptors, leading to the olfactory sense. Therefore, the “volatility” determines decisively the aromatic characteristics of a product, such as persistence and the degree of resistance to thermal process in manufacturing.

The aromatic fraction can be divided into three sub-fractions, also called “notes.”

The range of aromas offered by INGESTA includes the best aromatic notes for every kind of production.


Each animal species has different preferences for aromas and flavours, which is essential for the design of a flavour. Apart from the basic tastes, there are other factors that can modulate these preferences, such as hot, cold, metallic.


cinnamon, vanilla, toasty notes, berries


orange, coconut, herbal, vanilla


dairy, lacto fruit, fruit


herbal, anise, thyme

Number of taste buds


The fruity ones

Different combinations of red fruits that encourage piglets to eat more, based on unique flavours of raspberries, strawberries, apples or cherries


A classic flavour widely attractive to cattle and sheep and widely used in dairy cows.

The herbal

Widely used for ruminants and rabbits. The different combinations open up a world of possibilities: fennel, thyme, grass, moss, aniseed flavoured combinations

Milk / dairy

Used in milk replacers or in a complete feed: milk – vanilla, milk – butter or dairy – cheese flavours.